Frequently Asked Questions

What are Enjora and the Enjora Affiliate Program?

Enjora is the best place for discerning customers to consume all the premium adult content they want for an appealing, low monthly subscription rate. We work with a wide spectrum of content producers so we can offer an unmatched selection of top level content at an unbeatable price, spurring excellent conversion and retention rates. As Netflix is to movies or Spotify is to music, Enjora is to the adult movie space. Promote and enjoy!

Why join Enjora?

We believed when we started Enjora that we could build a clearly better service than piracy sites or free services and could convince a large segment of porn fans to stop illegal file-sharing and start watching porn legally again. By offering a free tier that highlights our strong selection and ease of use but limits access to three minutes per scene, Enjora demonstrates our value to consumers. From there, we effectively convert them into long term premium subscribers.

Our mission is to introduce a better alternative to free adult content and to ultimately grow the market share of monetized porn again.

We created the Enjora Affiliate Program so you could capitalize on our revolutionary system, help us accelerate growth and partner with us in building our vision.

How much can I earn with Enjora?

There is no limit to what you can earn with Enjora! We’ve worked hard to create a stunning array of promotional tools, all targeted to a great selection of choice niches. Please contact [email protected] to consult with us on the ideal setup of your campaigns.

What are the program options?

We offer three programs, 1) Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for every successful unique sale, 2) straight revenue share (RevShare) for the lifetime of the user and 3) Tier based payouts.

1. CPA

Earn up to $35.00 on every unique successful sale with Premium Enjora membership

Our bonus system is one of a kind. We will give you an extra $50.00 after each 10 unique successful sales. These sales can be Premium Enjora Membership sales ($35.00 CPA) and simple Enjora Membership sales ($5.00 CPA) This means that you can generate hundreds and thousands of dollars more after your sales.

Enjora membership5.00
Premium Enjora Membership35.00
10+ unique sales50.00

2. RevShare

Earn 30% of the monthly base subscription fee revenue for the lifetime of the membership, regardless of the user’s origin.

3. Tier based payouts

Earn on every lead generated based on a user’s origin. Check tier based payouts.

What is the base subscription fee?

The base subscription fee is on every customer $9.99 per month - regardless of origin. Depending on the customer’s location we will deal with the varying taxes to pay, maintenance costs, transaction costs and currency conversion fees.

What affiliate tracking software is Enjora using and why?

We are using HasOffers (by Tune). It is a state of the art cloud based affiliate tracking software. It is far easier to use and manage than old fashioned systems such as NATS or CCBill. HasOffers is used by a remarkable number of mainstream companies pioneering the web such as Zynga, Rackspace or Moz, just to name a view. If you do not know HasOffers, why not give it a try with us?

Am I able to view detailed live stats on sales and earnings?

Yes. You can access your stats page once you log in to your account. You’ll see details of clicks sent, sales and earnings on all your campaigns. You can break down the results by Site, Date, Campaign or Program. All stats update very close to real time (every five minutes).

When are payouts sent?

We feature bi-weekly payouts via all our payment methods. Payments are made 14 days after the given period. For example:

  • Period 1: January (1-15) would be paid on the 29th of January.
  • Period 2: January (16-31) would be paid on the 14th of February.

Please note that unpaid amounts (those that did not reach the minimum amount payable) are carried over to the next pay period.

What are the payment methods?

We support all major payment methods: check, Paxum and wire transfer.

What are minimum payouts?

The minimum payout for Paxum or check is $100. The minimum payout by wire is $1,000.

Are there processing fees deducted from my payments?

No. There are no processing fee deductions! You will be paid on all gross revenue you generate.

What payment reference do you use when sending payments?

We use "Online Advertising Services" as your payment reference, regardless of payment method. Nothing refers to Enjora. There is no option to change this text.

In which currency do you pay?

We send payouts in US dollars (USD). To avoid exchange rates, we recommend wire transfers be made to all bank accounts using USD.

Can I change my payout details, such as method or limits?

Absolutely, yes. Your payout method and payout limit can be changed in the settings once you log into your account. Please note that pay periods are finalized every two weeks, on the 15th and the last day of the month. You cannot edit your information on days when pay periods are finalized or during the next four days. On all other days, you may edit your information.

If you have any further questions regarding payout details, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at [email protected].

How do I get started?

Please sign up for an account, then grab the ads you'd like to use and put them on your site. That’s it! You are ready to earn money with us. All of our linking codes carry your unique ID so you’ll always be properly credited for every lead or sale generated.

What kind of sites can I promote in the program?

Enjora’s aim is to offer an integrated experience to our customers so all tools promote Since we offer tons of niche-focused promotional options, you can always choose the way to best target your particular audience. As your users engage with our content, we gather detailed information about their usage. Then we recommend all the content that fits their specific preferences, creating happy customers and spurring excellent retention.

    • Exclusive niche targeted landing pages
    • Unique content
    • Full HD movie streaming
    • Daily updates of tagged videos

What kind of promo tools will I be able to use?

We have a fantastic set of promo tools ready for you to use anywhere, anytime on any device. Explore your options and change your campaigns as needed. We update our toolbox regularly with new stuff promoting all the hottest content and niches so check in often for all the latest and greatest.

When do the cookies expire?

Cookies last one month and are never overwritten until they expire.

Will I have a dedicated account manager?

Yes. You will always have a dedicated account manager who will be there to help you to make most out of your campaigns.

What is your policy on spam?

We have a zero tolerance policy towards spam. If you spam, your account will be deleted and all funds will be forfeited. For further details please refer to What is not allowed and our terms of service.

I signed up to the program and have not seen any hits. Are my clicks being stolen?

We have numerous measures in place to protect you from linkjacking. We are here for the long run and will never employ tricks or nefarious tactics.

Based on our experience, customers need a bit of time before they opt for a subscription. We offer a free tier to our users to familiarize them with the service, which allows limited access of three minutes per scene. This fully demonstrates the value Enjora provides. Once users experience our free tier, we effectively drive them to our premium subscription tier. This often dramatically increases the amount they would spend on adult content and puts money back in the pockets of content producers and webmasters like you.

Our optimized program package lets you start making money on CPA and 30% RevShare on every user’s lifecycle. Because our system is so user friendly and offers such tremendous value compared to most membership and VOD sites, Enjora benefits you with long customer retention and solid recurring revenue.

To obtain the best results, we suggest that you try different promo tools. Do not hesitate to contact [email protected] with any questions about our tools or our educated opinions on how to use them to market effectively to your audience. We are mutually vetted in your success!

Will the cookie still be set on the customer’s computer if I link directly to other pages, such as a video page?

Yes, you can link to our main page or any of our sub-pages. We encourage you to link as you see fit to maximize your audience participation.

I have multiple sites. Can I use one account for all of them?

Yes. We offer custom campaign codes to help you sort your sales traffic from multiple sites.

Can I promote Enjora by sending emails to the email addresses I have collected from other sources?

No, we do not allow email traffic.

Can we do a banner/link exchange?

No. We don't exchange links from our main sites and do not sell banner spots.

What is not allowed?

1. Spam

We have a zero tolerance policy on spam. We respect our users and their privacy. We want you to do the same.

2. Underage pornography, bestiality, rape, scat and similar illegal content

Sites promoting, linking to or depicting any form of underage pornography will be automatically banned and reported to the proper authorities. Likewise, any links likely to get anybody in hot water will be removed.

3. Adware/Spyware

Traffic sent to any of our sites through any form of adware/spyware is strictly prohibited.

4. Alteration of link codes

The use of pop-unders or I-frame formatted link codes are not allowed if the preset codes in the promo tools have been modified. Only our original, unaltered versions of these codes may be utilized. These are available in the promo tools.

Use and modification of our promo tools will only be permitted following an authorization by Enjora. Please contact your affiliate manager.

The accounts of affiliates found using the above methods to promote Enjora will be suspended and shall result in withholding of their share of generated earnings.

What promotional tools are available?

Enjora has a stacked toolbox of promo tools, such as free content, niche landing pages, banners and full page ads, text links, RSS feeds, I-frames and pop-unders. Whatever you need to advertise effectively, we have it all! We always aim to make promoting Enjora a joyful and profitable experience. Talk with your account manager if you have any questions, suggestions or issues.

What are the criteria to participate in the content studio referral program?

Anybody can refer studios to us and enjoy a referral fee. To join our content partner referral program, please contact us at [email protected]. We approve referrers within 48 hours.

I have lost my username and password.

Please contact us and we'll help you recover your log-in information.

What are the amounts for tier based payouts?

Earn on every lead generated, based on the user’s origin:

UK, NO, AU, NZ, CA, CH, IS$0.70
US, FR, DE, SE, FI, DK, IT, IE, ES, PT, GR, BE, NL, LU, AT$0.50
All other geos$0.3